Online 1:1 Customised Dog & Puppy Training Courses

We offer a variety of customised online training courses which are individually tailored to your needs.  Each client course is specially designed and an accredited dog behaviourist will be allocated to you with whom you will do your video training sessions.  You can start the courses at any time and the courses vary in length so please click on the links below to find the full details.

Our training courses are comprehensive and full professional support is given by your behaviourist throughout the duration of the course.



The VIP Puppy

This course covers: settling a new puppy in, crate training, sleeping at night, socialisation, chewing/toilet training, enrichment, foundation obedience, recall, loose lead walking, jumping up, barking/vocalisation.


Loose Lead Walking

Do you want relaxed walks? This course teaches you the mechanics of teaching your dog to walk nicely on the lead and helps you practice to make perfect! In general, dogs naturally walk faster than humans and they often get over exited or learn to tug you around. 



This course is for dogs of any age and covers the recall ladder from start to finish to build a strong recall with your dog. We provide a fun filled, games based course to teach your dog to WANT to come back, not that it HAS to.  


The Adolescent Dog

This course specific new behaviours developed after 6 months of age.  If recall is no longer working, they are being destructive at home or if they have turned into a somewhat mischievous teenager, this course is for you. 


Reactivity & Aggression

This course is specially designed for aggression/reactivity and lead reactivity. We cover aspects of desensitisation and counter-conditioning to help get your dog happy and relaxed again. 

help for anxious dogs

Nervous/Anxious Dogs

This course is specially designed for more sensitive dogs who have fear based anxiety and nervousness. New rescue dogs also sometimes need extra support settling into their new homes.  



This course teaches you how versatile scentwork is and the benefits it has to your dog. You will learn lots of fun games you can do both indoors and outdoors to add to your mental enrichment. 


Scentwork to Help Behavioural Issues

This course uses scentwork therapy to help behavioural issues and reduce negative behaviours. Specific scents and personalised training games are tailored for each individual dog. 


Barking & Abnormal Vocalisation

This course specifically targets canine vocalisation issues. We look at the underlying behavioural issues, mitigate environmental influences and use behaviour modification techniques to resolve the problem.  


Separation Anxiety

This course helps you to create and execute a desensitisation training programme to help your dog relax and enjoy being at home alone. Support by your behaviourist is offered throughout the course.