MEKEET Potty Doorbells for Dog Training

  • Wide application: Dog doorbells fits all dogs of all sizes.
  • Dog training: Potty training simple repetition.
  • High decibel: The sound of the doorbell can be heard clearly within 26 meters, reminding the owner of dog open the door to prevent it loss.
  • Bite resistant :Nylon rope with adjustable button, iron bell, prevent dog scratching.
MEKEET DOG DOORBELLS is the most cost-effective, we are committed to presenting the best materials in front of everyone but only for low prices, good and cheap is everyone's recognition. Our dog ball uses the high quality hardware, the strong and tough nylon rope, the rear end has 3 bells, the sound is crisp, the bell inside has the small steel ball, is the market on the market the superior product.


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