Scent Work

We now offer scent work/sniffer dog training – contact us for more details.

Scent work/sniffer training

Sniffer Dog/Scent Training


Scent Detection Training has long been used widely across the world, for Working and Operational Services.
Our Amazing Dogs have been used to Search for Drugs, Bombs, Firearms, Cash, Contraband, Missing People & Human Remains.
Then even more Amazing , In recent years Dogs are being used for Assitance Purposes. Medical Alert  (Diabeties)  and Medical Detection, Detecting Cancer Cells in Humans….. WOW!

THINK POLICE SNIFFER DOG FOR PET DOGS. Does that sound fun?! Come and join the UK Sniffer Dog classes for hours of fun with your dog whilst building up an incredible bond. Your partnership and teamwork will blossom whilst your dog puts its nose to good work. It is a low impact sport so suitable for all dogs and handlers  whilst doing mental stimulation and brainwork for the dogs. 

Reactive dog or fearful dog? Dog with behavioural issues such as excessive barking or hyperactivity? No problem! We run special classes and one to one UK Sniffer Dog courses for reactive dogs. We like to make it a sport for everyone.  Please get in touch with your specific needs. 

If you are looking for something different and FUN to do with your dog then this is for you! You will be able to also teach your dog to find your 🔑 keys 😃. 

Any ability can join as we start from beginners to professionals and our classes are assisted by a retired police dog handler so you get all the facts and real life stories of scent work used professionally by the police. 

You will be learning about the power of your dog’s nose and how to teach it to search and indicate on a target odour. It’s fun and easy! We then move onto:

 💼 Bag searches
 🏠 Building searches
 🚗 Vehicle searches 
-And more!

We start in Broadwaters, Kidderminster but as you work your way up through the training we set up scenarios at various outdoor and indoor locations. We start at Bronze level, working up to Silver and Gold.

I am also a qualified trial judge so will be hosting the timed trials here in Kidderminster should you wish to do those as well. They are great achievement goals for your dog training. Be warned….this sport is HIGHLY addictive! When you see how much fun your dog is having you won’t want to stop!

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